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I’ve just been out for a walk because my mind was busy. It really was all over the place thinking about work, family and even (although I hate to admit it) Christmas! 
I had been trying to walk mindfully but the harder I tried the further away a quieter mind seemed. That was until my eyes spotted some conkers on the road. I stopped and picked up a few. I love conkers. I love their colour, the feel of them, the patterns in them. I find it fascinating to open a prickly ‘conker coat’ to find a perfect conker on the inside. Without realising and without trying too hard I spent a mindful 10 minutes with conkers. 
I've collected a few and put them in a bowl in the house and over the next few days I’m going to use them as the focus of my mindful practice. 
As they dry out I might even relive my childhood by playing conkers friends and that’s something I haven’t done for years! 
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